Pocketed plastic device to grow plants on vertical surface


Despite visiting nurseries and large multipurpose stores, I can neither find the item nor its name. I am not talking about the long narrow plastic tubes with pockets for plants, but something that measures about 2.5 ft wide and about 3.5 ft in length. This would hold about 12 to 15 plants. I am hoping to plant begonias in the pocket and attach the assemblage to a north facing brick wall. Any information regarding a manufacturer, store, or product name would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


This is such a terrific concept, and is sure to become more popular as it catches on more generally, but it seems that the online world may be your best bet at this point. Toronto Master Gardeners do not recommend manufacturers but if you search “vertical pocket hanging gardens” or similar wording, you will see some images that may come close to what you’re looking for. Next spring we may see these vertical pocket planters everywhere!