potted small tree that can be planted in a few years


I live in Toronto in a condo and I would like to buy a small tree (not particular if it is evergreen or deciduous) that could live on my small balcony in a pot for a few years and then can be planted in a yard later. I am very flexible about the type of tree but it must start out very small (less than 1 foot tall) as it will be part of a tree planting ceremony at our wedding.
We get direct sun in the afternoon on our balcony.


What a great way to commemorate your wedding! With any of these suggestions you’ll want to make sure that the tree is suitable for the climate you’ll be planting in (if your not planting the tree in Toronto). In terms of size – it will just depend on the age of plants that the nursery has.

Pagoda Dogwood (alternative-leaf dogwood) is native to our region and would do fine indoors till its time to plant. It has lovely flowers that produce berries which are a favourite of song birds. A great article in the Globe and Mail also recommends “Viburnums, Sambucus Black Lace, … and evergreens such as pines, hemlock, dwarf blue spruce and Japanese junipers”.