Potting soil mix



I am taking my first stab at the world of starting most of my plants from seed this year. I have purchased a soil block maker and am hoping to make myself a nice seedling soil mix to use for this. I would like to find somewhere to purchase the following ingredients; compost, perlite, vermiculite, coir. Have you any suggestions for where I might find these things (I live in Pickering so east end is preferred but I am very thankful for advice of any kind)?

Thank-you very kindly for your time


Very ambitious for a first timer! I am sure you will have fun mixing up your own dirt, although I will say that pre-mixed potting soil is relatively inexpensive, easy to find and meant for growing seed. It’s available at most garden centres and big box home hardware stores.

The mandate of the Toronto Master Gardeners is to educate and inform the public about plants and gardening practices. Therefore, we can not recommend suppliers, specific growers or retailers. However, I do know that there are a number of large garden centres in Durham region, and the edge of Scarborough. Unlike the big box stores, which cater to the general needs of gardeners, most of these centres will likely carry all that you are looking for to prepare your soil.

Good luck.