Prefer hydrangea Paniculata tree


I have a 5 years old hydrangea Paniculata tree(peegee). Year after year it has been beautiful. I prune it q early spring but this year no leaf appeared and we are in latter June now. It was fertilized on spring with slow release fertilizer for hydrangeas. When I scratch the bark it is gree on trunk and branches. What should I do? I love my tree


The most likely problem is improper pruning. Panicle hydrangeas can be pruned in early spring and still bloom that year. However, if you pruned very late in spring, it can remove the buds that were developing. This more typically results in a delay of bloom rather than eliminating it, but depending on how late it was pruned and the growing season, no flowers this year is a possibility. Be on the safe side and prune in early spring, before or just as the plant starts to leaf out.

Another possibility is that the plant simply hasn’t bloomed yet this season. Some later-blooming varieties like Pinky Winky and ‘Limelight’ may not show buds until well into July, even early August in cool areas.