Preparing Amaryllis for Re-Bloom*


Getting Amaryllis ‘Papillion’ to rebloom
My A. “papillion’ has been out of the ground now (where it was planted for summer strengthening) for approx. 4 weeks and waiting in an an unheated garage for repotting at the right time. I did not cut off the lush green leaves (so that the goodness from them would return to the bulb) nor the roots. They are in the same state now as when I first took them from the ground–the leaves are green and firm–no yellowing or dehydration (as with my other amaryllis varieties). My questions are as follows: the temperatures are about to fall below 0 degrees Celsius soon. How much cold can the amaryllis bulb tolerate happily? If I bring them indoors the temperatures will be too warm for them–they need a few more weeks of cold before repotting. Also, should I cut off the green leaves at this point or continue to leave them and repot at the right time (a few more weeks of some cold) (The bulbs are in excellent shape–large and firm) I live in Toronto Many thanks in advance.


Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners.

According to “Butterfly amaryllis (Hippeastrum papilio) can be grown like a regular houseplant; unlike other amaryllis, this plant does not require a period of dormancy and the foliage should be allowed to remain evergreen.”

  • Place in a location where it will receive plenty of bright sun, especially during the darker winter months.
  • It can also be placed outside in a sheltered area during frost-free months.
  • To help prevent rot, plant the bulb shallowly, with most of the bulb above the surface of the soil.
  • Water weekly and fertilize monthly with a balanced fertilizer.
  • You can help stimulate flowering by gradually reducing watering from October to January.
  • The bulb performs best if allowed to remain slightly potbound.”