Princess Beatrice and Pistacho Hydrangeas ??


Hello I was wondering if these will rebloom in Zone 5. They survived the winter and shoots are coming from the ground. Thank-you


Both these plants are macrophylla hydrangeas.  They bloom on old wood and if late frost damages the tender buds they will not bloom.  Hydrangeas purchased in Canada are good to grow in Zone 5.  If you see shoots appearing then they appear to have made it through the winter and hopefully they will rebloom.  In very harsh winters hydrangeas may suffer. To avoid this water thoroughly in the Fall and protect plant by mounding up with rich organic soil covering the roots. In the spring when the threat of frost has gone spread out the mounded soil. Also, one can try and protect them by covering them with a light sheet when frost is in the forecast or try planting them in a sheltered spot that replicates a higher hardiness zone.


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