Privacy hedge in Haliburton Highland


Hello there,

I am looking for a deer resistant plant that will work as a privacy hedge in a low, shaded, wet area. We have tried lilac, cedar and spirea and all is eaten over the winter months by deer. I have noticed in another post, that you have recommended yew. Would yew would work or do you have another suggestion?

Thank you.



Yew (Taxus) would indeed be suitable as a deer resistant hedge as described in this post.

There are other options that you could consider for your area:

  • Blue Arrow juniper (Juniperus virginiana “Blue Arrow”) and Hillspire juniper (Juniperus virginiana “Cupressifolia)
  • Most rhododendrons would be hardy in your area but you would need to check with the grower
  • Blue Muffin viburnum (Viburnum dentatum “Christom”)
Whenever you are considering a new plant, make sure that it hardy to your zone and well as your conditions – Haliburton is a zone 4. All the above shrubs and bushes should do well while providing privacy and deer resistance.