Privacy Shrub or Vine


Hello, Attached is a picture of my left flower bed. There is already two Weigelas and a ninebark. Do you have any recommendations on what shrub will go well with what I currently have to add more privacy? Thank you!


Thank you for your question. We have answered that question previously and the answer is noted.

There are many, many shrub choices that will provide privacy and interest combines with speed of growth.

Some options are:

  1. Forsythia
  2. Lilac
  3. Alpine Currant
  4. Emerald Cedar
  5. Privet
  6. Mock Orange
  7. Arborvitae
  8. Burning Bush
  9. Barberry
  10. Bridal Wreath Spirea

These are some of the more popular choices.

You never mentioned if you were looking for evergreen shrubs (those that provide privacy year round) or deciduous shrubs ( plants that lose their leaves in the fall). The above list provides you with a both choices. Remember to check your  soil conditions ( is your soil clay, sandy, acidic) as well as the amount of light you receive (full, partial sun, part shade, shade) before making your choice. The right plant in the right place will lead to success.

You may also wish to refer to the following Master Gardening Guides for additional shrub choices:

Unless you provide a fence or other support for a vine, I think a shrub would be your best option.

Good Luck with your project.