Propagating Monarda from Stems


I just bought some bee balm in a big pot–it was being cleared out at Home Depot as garbage because it had grown tall and it had many broken stems. I think it may be “Raspberry Wine” variety. It has thick, square stems and thick leaves, unlike some of the paler mauve and pink varieties I have.

It has nice new growth at the base, which I have planted. I have cut off about a dozen stems and would like to get new plants out of them if possible. Is there an easy and relatively quick way to do this?


Thank you for your question.  When I want to get more plants out of a big pot purchased at the garden centre, I simply divide the plant in half or quarters (depending on the size) with a sharp knife.

I have propagated houseplants by rooting a cutting in water but I have not tried it with perennial such as bee-balm.   I have found detailed instructions on how to propagate bee balm from cuttings on the internet.  The link is below.

Good luck!