Propagating Rubber Plants


Some leaves have fallen off my rubber plant.  Can I use them to propagate additional plants?




You will not be able to use those fallen leaves for propagation but rubber plants (Ficus elatica) are propagated quite easily from tip cuttings.

1. Use clean secateurs to remove a 15-20cm (6-8 inch) cutting from the end of a branch.  Cut just below a bud which will appear as a swelling on the stem.

2. Dip cutting in a rooting hormone.

3. Fill a clean pot with vermiculite and thoroughly soak the vermiculite.  Poke a hole in the vermiculite that is big enough to allow you to insert the cutting without knocking off the rooting hormone. Firm the vermiculite around the cutting.

4. Place pot in a plastic bag but leave the top open.

5. Place in a brightly lit room.  Check occasionally and add water as required to keep vermiculite moist but not soggy.

6. Check in 8-10 weeks to see if roots have developed by gently pulling on the cutting.  If you feel some resistance, the plant is ready to be transplanted into its own pot.  If not, check again in 2-3 weeks.