Propagation of cutleaf sumac and Pinky Winky hydrangea


How do you propagate golden cutleaf sumac and ‘Pinky Winky’ hydrangea?


Probably the easiest way to propagate the golden cutleaf sumac named ‘Tiger Eyes’ (Rhus typhina ‘Tiger Eyes’) is to take advantage of the way it spreads by suckering. A sucker is a new stem that develops off the plant roots. In fact, this sumac can be invasive in some gardens due to its suckering habit. When the plant is dormant – either late in fall after the leaves drop or early in spring before they emerge – simply dig up any new stem that has developed beside the main plant, being careful to include a good-sized root ball. Each will be a new plant.

Hydrangeas such as ‘Pinky Winky’ can be propagated by cuttings, early in summer before the stems become too woody. (As it’s mid-August now, you might have to wait till next year to try.) An excellent website on all-things-hydrangea is called, appropriately, They provide detailed instructions for this technique, including pictures, here:

Good luck with your project.