Pruning Annabel Hydrangeas


I planted two hydrngeas in a mostly shady area. During the last month the edge of the leaves turned brown. I am wondering about pruning and read on one blog that they should be cut to the ground and on another that that method is too severe. I also read that the brown edges could be casued by watering the leaves from above. Is that correct.


Thank you for your inquiry. You may wish to refer to the answers posted on our website to a similar question, Pruning Hydrangea,  as well as Hydrangea Blooming, Growing, Pruning

Hydrangeas can suffer from sunburn if they are planted in an area receiving too much sun. Browning of the leaf margins could also be a problem of the plants being under stress due to incorrect watering practices. Early morning is the best time to water  all perennials and shrubs. Watering perennials and shrubs thoroughly and infrequently will force their roots deep below the surface, and this helps protect them during hot, dry weather. Shallow watering will force the roots to the surface in search of water, and this will result in plants under stress. An application of  5-8 cm of mulch to the area will conserve moisture and cool the soil temperature.