Pruning Clematis, Hydrangea and Emerald Cedars


Is April too early to prune Jackmani clematis? And I am confused about how to prune Blush Bride Hydrangea. Also I have some small (2 year old) Emerald cedars in my yard. Do I need to water them?


You can prune Jackmanii clematis in April since this vine produces blooms on the new growth. As for the hydrangea, this one blooms on both old and new wood. So I would recommend that you just cut off spent blooms and any old wood that is dead or damaged,  and any branches that are crossing or overcrowding the plant.

And yes, your young trees, Thuja occidentalis, need watering and mulching. I would be especially diligent in the long hot days of summer. They have a shallow root system and can’t reach far down into the earth to find moisture. They are somewhat drought tolerant when well established but your young trees may not yet be well established.