Pruning for grape vines


Which pruning system is better for the following grape vines, cane or spur pruning?

1) Somerset Seedless Grape
2) Everest Seedless Grape
3) Sovereign Coronation Grapes
4) Mars Seedless Grapes
5) Razzmatazz Grapes

Where can I find recommended pruning system for table grape cultivars?

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The Vitis International Variety Catalogue: Lists the grape varieties but does not provide the type of punning required. I suggest the type of best suited for table grape production is cane pruning. As all grapes grow with Cordon Spur pruning but some grape varieties such as Thompson and Concord require Cane pruning for fruit production.

List of Grape Varieties

Spur pruned grape varieties;

Spur pruned grapes include varieties such as: Autumn Royal, Black Muscat, Blush Seedless, Cardinal, Centennial Seedless, Christmas Rose, Dawn Seedless, Early Muscat, Flame Seedless, Italia, Muscat Hamburg, New York Muscat, Perlette, Purple Cornichon, Queen, Ribier, Waltham Cross.

Cane-pruned grape varieties are less vigorous and produce fruit on new growth coming from buds towards the end of one-year canes.

Cane-pruned grapes include varieties such as Black Corinth, Calmeria, Carina Currant, Crimson Seedless, Emperor, Fantasy Seedless, Glenora, Himrod, Menindee Seedless, Muscat Gordo, ORed Globe, Ruby Seedless, Sultana, Thompson Seedles

Cane Pruning

Most table grapes produce the highest yield of good quality fruit when cane-pruned.

Pruning Cordon Spur

Spur Pruning

Omafra list of grape varieties

This website provides information on choosing a pruning method half way in the article.

Choosing a pruning method