Pruning Limelight hydrangea tree


I am wondering whether this time of year I should prune or cut off my big blooms. I am afraid if I leave them on the heavy wet snow will break the limbs off. It is my first winter with it and not sure if I should be doing any cutting this time of year.


Yes this is the time of year that is good to prune Limelight hydrangeas tree. Fall is the ideal time to prune the flowers on your type of hydrangea. Flowers only form the next year on the new growth, so you can safely remove the flower heads (also known as deadheading).

One word of caution though, Limelight hydrangeas develop flower buds on the previous years stem growth. Cutting them back too far can mean much less flowers for next summer. I would recommend only doing deadheading this year and leaving as much of the stem length as possible intact. Next year when the new flowers develop, you’ll be able to see where they formed from and use that as a guide on where you can safely prune next fall without impacting the new flowers the following summer.

Best of luck with your pruning!