Pruning of a Weeping Cypress


I have a 35 foot high weeping cypress that is about 20 feet in diameter in my small backyard (which I enjoy immensely). In order to contain its size and leave some room in the yard I have been cutting back the branches at their extremities. This seems to work and the tree remains healthy. Have you better suggestions about how to limit its growth in girth? There seems no way I can prune its height. Thanks.



Your tree sounds lovely.  I do not know of any other way to control its girth but have provided some additional information for you on pruning which I obtained from the Montreal Botanical gardens web-site.

Evergreens or conifers are usually pruned only to remove dead, diseased or damaged wood. You can also prune them to encourage bushier growth, while maintaining their natural shape.

Unlike deciduous shrubs, conifers do not readily produce new shoots on old wood. This means that pruning should be limited to stems under two years of age.

These evergreens should be pruned when the new shoots are almost fully grown, around late June. You can also prune them until early September, except during extremely hot or dry spells.

Use a hand pruner to cut the new shoots back by one- to two-thirds.