Pruning Overgrown Globe Cedar


both links on the page dont work any way you could send me the correct url ? then fix up the link or whichever way you find best be well



Thank you for your remarks. It seems like your question regarding pruning globe cedars had been previously answered, but with links that didn’t work. I couldn’t find our first answer to your question. I have answered it again and checked to make sure the links work. I hope this answer gives you the information you need.

Here is some general information:

  • While there may be a best time of year to prune your cedars, you can prune them at any time even mid-winter.
  • If a cedar has not been pruned regularly, and grown too large, you should remove not more than 1/3 of the foliage each year till you get it back to the size you are after.
  • Only prune back to green foliage.  Like most evergreens, cedars do not rejuvenate new foliage readily from woody tissue.

Mark Cullen has posted a very practical article on cedars in general.

Here is another link with some good advice:

I hope this information helps.