Pruning Weigela


It’s now early July, and my weigela bush has finished blossoming. Can I trim it back now? Or leave it?




Your  Weigela is possibly Weigela florida, an impressive, abundantly blooming and popular, deciduous shrub. Now that the harsh winter weather of 2013/2014 is safely behind us, the good news is that you’ll be able to prune your Weigela with impunity. Any dead branches will be clearly evident. With clean, sharp secateurs in hand, your aim is to start pruning from the inside of the bush, working your way out. That is, reach right in and remove dead/damaged wood, and thin out dense growth areas inside the base, to promote good air circulation. Use the measure of  “one third” as a maximum amount of plant material you remove. Once this is achieved, you can polish off  with some shaping of your bush. Then stand back and admire your work !

For a more extensive discussion on blooming deciduous shrubs, Toronto Master Gardeners has a very thorough Guide, a link provided below for your reading pleasure !