Purchasing a pH meter


Can you give me some advice as to purchasing a pH meter for garden testing. I have been searching the internet and see a great price range. Not sure of the accuracy of the ones in the 50-60 dollar range.

Also; where is a supplier in the Toronto/Newmarket area. I live just outside of Newmarket.




Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners with your garden question.

Testing your soil is an excellent way to learn how to help your plants get the nutrients they need.   We would not be able to comment on the quality of pH testers, but can tell you that some of them are equipped with calibrators which will assure greater accuracy.

Simple soil testing kits to test the soil for pH, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium can be purchased at any garden centre. The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) has a list of accredited soil testing sources on their web site  for further testing if you have other concerns, such as lead.


 Good luck and happy gardening.