purchasing grass seed


Hi There,
Does anyone have any ideas on places to buy grass seed in bulk rather than pre-mixed? Most pre-mixes have lots of Kentucky blue grass which I’m trying to avoid (following Ed Lawrence’s recommendations). I am trying to get creeping red fescue and Poa trivialis or Poa annua.
Thank you!



I’m not aware of any bulk grass seed vendors (versus pre-mixed).  However I did find a few Canadian suppliers of grass seed with little or no Kentucky Blue Grass:

  1. https://www.willowleesod.com/

Willowlee Shade Blend:

This seed grows great in the shade which makes it perfect for areas that areas exposed to little sun and for under trees


10% Kentucky Bluegrass

60% Creeping red fescue

25% Perennial Ryegrass

5% Poa Trivialis

2. https://www.speareseeds.ca/index.php?p=Connect_with_Us

Shade Blend

 40% Bridgeport II Chewings Fescue

 30% Aberdeen Creeping Red Fescue

 15% BarOasis Poa Trivialis

15% IQ Perennial Ryegrass

3. https://www.wildflowerfarm.com/index.php?route=product/category&path=20_72

Eco-lawn blend


Hope this helps.