Purple sand cherry suckers


Can I cut the suckers in the ground from the purple sand cherry and replant them elsewhere? What is the process?
Thank you.


Purple Sand Cherry (Prunus x cisterna) is a very hardy flowering landscape specimen with reddish-purple foliage that keeps its unique color all summer long.

We had a very similar question on our website concerning digging up quince suckers. The same principle applies to Purple Sand Cherry:

”  You can find several good videos on how to dig up the shoots that grow from shrub suckers. Be sure to choose those that have a significant healthy root attached. Dig at least a few inches radius from the shoot to get as much root as possible. The root is the hardest working part of a plant, so inspect it carefully. Pot each one in a separate container using fresh soil and water well. I would give them a couple of weeks to recover before transplanting into another garden, just to be sure they have survived the shock. Spring and fall are ideal times for transplanting. I would suggest you try your own propagation; if it doesn’t work out, then go to the nursery. It’s always great to learn something new.”

Purple Sand Cherry can also be easily be propagated from soft wood cuttings. One of our archived posts titled Hydrangea Cuttings gives step by step instructions on preparing softwood cuttings.

I am including  links below as it is an informative article on soft wood propagation.