Question about tree disease in Milton, Ontario


Kindly see attached image. 1) a leafy tree affected by burn-like marks. 2) a blue tree, not sure it it is a cypress or a cedar which has some of the branches and leaves becoming yellow close to the center.
I will appreciate any guidance as to what can be done to treat them.

Thanks for your question about what you believe are burn marks on a deciduous tree and yellowing on a conifer.  Unfortunately, the pictures you submitted are not of a sufficient quality to enable us to assist you in trying to determine what the problem might be or how to address it.
Please consult our website for instructions on how to take quality photographs (sharp, close-up photos as well as clear photos of the entire tree or portions of it are helpful), and then please resubmit your question with more details.  What kind of tree is the deciduous tree and in what conditions is it growing – e.g. full sun, part sun/shade, full shade.  How much watering does it receive?  How long has it been in that spot, and when did you first notice the problem?  Have you done any close-up inspection of the leaves to try to determine what the problem might be? What other plant material (e.g. trees, shrubs, perennials) are around the tree and what condition are they in?
The same kinds of questions apply to the conifer.
Please also consult the website on using a Plant identification App to help you first identify the type of tree or conifer it is, as that will help a great deal.