Rabbit raisins on my back patio


This past winter I’ve had rabbits taking shelter on my back patio, and of course there are rabbit raisins everywhere. Can I just sweep them into the garden?  And dig them into the soil?  Will they damage anything?

Thanks for giving me “the poop” on this matter!


Well, haven’t you been fortunate ! Rabbit manure has all the nutritional benefits of other animal manures, but, because it’s considered a “cold” manure, you don’t have to let rabbit raisins age, or compost, before use. Manure derived from poultry, sheep, horses, cows, and pigs are considered “hot” manures, meaning they need to be composted for months before you can safely use them.

Of all animal waste, rabbit droppings have the highest nitrogen content. Plus, rabbit pellets have the distinct advantage of being almost orderless.  (Chicken waste is a close second, nitrogen-wise, but definitely NOT odourless!) They also contain phosphorus, which is important for flowers, and fruit-bearing plants. So, yes, sweep them up, and dig them into your garden.

Another popular way to take advantage of these pellets, is to make “bunny brew”. Fill a large bucket with water, and add a big scoop of rabbit pellets. Give it a good stir every now and again, for several days. Et voila ! Nitrogen heaven !

Happy Easter from the TMG !