How can I protect my garden from rabbits eating my plants


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners. Rabbits can be very destructive in the garden, and it can be very frustrating to remove them. I’m assuming that you have seen rabbits in your garden, so you know what is causing the damage. Here are some ways to deal with them :

  • Fencing : You can put chicken wire or hardwire mesh 2-3 feet high and several inches below ground around the vulnerable plants. You could also add hardwire mesh to your existing fence if you have one, to make it more difficult for rabbits to get into your garden.
  • Habitat : You can make your garden less hospitable by removing brush, brush piles, stone piles and other places where rabbits live and hide.
  • Scare devices : Rabbits are very nervous animals, so you could install motion sensitive lights or sprinklers, or anything that makes noise, like pie plates on a string that will blow in the wind.
  • Repellents : These are not always effective, and need to be replaced when it rains or snows.. Examples are chili powder, blood meal, and garlic spray.
  • Plant what rabbits avoid : See the last link below for suggestions.
  • Trap and release : You need to check if this is legal where you live, and if so you can either do this yourself or hire a specialist in wildlife removal.

Here are some links to information that you might find helpful :

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Best of luck in dealing with your rabbits.