raised beds


good day, is there a place i can buy raised bed for my parent’s vegetable garden. They are seniors and enjoy gardening but find it challenging with the constant bending to manage the garden. I would appreciate your recommendations.
thank you.


Dear gardener’s daughter,

Raised beds are a wonderful solution, particularly for seniors. Most large nurseries carry ready-made or easy to assemble wood raised beds. If there is a particular size you need, you can find kits which will be easily modified for your requirements but you will have to buy the wood separately (check: https://www.leevalley.com/en/Garden/page.aspx?cat=2&p=44664 ). Generally, beds should not be larger than 4 feet in width in order to easily reach the back of the bed. The height will depend on your parents comfort level.

Hope this information has put you in the right path. Good luck and have fun doing this activity with/for your parents.