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I am building a raised bed on a patio (picture included). Can you suggest a plastic liner to place inside to hold the soil? Will a pond liner work the best? Where can I get this liner? I am planting vegetables to eat. The box is 2 feet by 13 feet and 2 feet by 9 feet. Any help would be very appreciated.

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Hi Serge, thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners.  I am always gratified to see condo/apartment dwellers growing edibles on their balconies and terraces.  You have certainly done some work with your planter boxes.  One of the most important requirements for any planter is proper drainage.  Looking at your photo it seems as if you have built your planters out of wood.  Wood is a good option for planters as it is breathable, somewhat porous and sturdy.  But wood will deteriorate over time and can harbour insects and diseases.  My suggestion to you is to purchase plastic window boxes that will fit inside your planters.  They now come in several sizes so with some research you can probably find some that will work.  The window boxes will already have some predrilled drainage holes, but you will still have to put holes in your wooden planters to drain away the water.  If you don’t want to go the window box route, you can try to find a pond liner that will work, but what ever you get you will still have to provide for that all important drainage for without the ability to drain away the water the roots of your plants will “suffocate” and rot.  Many garden centers have a wide selection of pond liner fabric.

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Good luck with your planters!