Ranunculus asiaticus


If I plant Ranunculus asiaticus in containers, in the fall do I still have to dig up the tubers or can I just bring the pots into my garage?


Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners regarding overwintering your Ranunculus asiaticus. Ranunculus asiaticus is a tender flowering plant native to Northern Africa, southwestern Asia, southern Europe. It prefers good soil with medium moisture soil and excellent drainage.

If container grown, the soil must not be allowed to dry out. It does not tolerate freezing temperatures as may occur in your garage and, perhaps equally important, it is prone to rot if kept moist in storage.

To over-winter, remove the tubers from the garden or container when the foliage has withered, cut off the leaves and dry the tubers outdoors in the sun or indoors in a warm, dry place for several days. When dry, dust them off and store in dry peat moss in a paper or mesh bag, e.g. onion bag. Store the tubers in a cool dark place until planting time returns.

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Enjoy your Ranunculus.

April 23, 2021