Reasons tips of Pilea Peperomioides turn black spots & dry


Reason why the tips of Pilea Peperomioides turns black (pic) and eventually dry off. Our handling of plant as usual for Pilea, less watering, porous soil and no direct sunlight.


Hello, I am sorry to hear that you are having problems with your Pilea peperomioides.  They are typically easy to grow and to propagate.  It sounds as if you have done your homework and giving your plant all of its required conditions.  They do like bright, but not direct sunlight.  They will not survive in standing water, so you must ensure water drains away (and not sit in the saucer or container. The best soil for these plants is a soil formulated for cactus or succulents, and only water when you feel that the soil is dry.  These plants also do well if fertilized biweekly but only during spring and summer.

We do regularly get questions about the dropping of leaves on these plants.  Here is a link to a past request, hopefully it will be helpful.  Good luck with this, I hope you see signs of recovery soon!





Black Leaves on Pilea peperomioides