Recommendation for a perennial shrub or plant


P1000487My garden generally has dappled shade and certain areas will get full sun for an hour. However there is one spot in the summer that gets late morning sun until 1:30 pm. What type of native shrub, ground cover and perennial plant can I use in that area that will take the heat? In the photo it is the right hand corner near the cedar and fence.


Thank you for your question for Toronto Master Gardeners.  Since you are looking for a selection of native plants, I would recommend that you take this photograph to your local nursery where there are plant experts to guide you.

You might also be interested in this website : Gardening with Native Plants which gives examples of native ground covers, shrubs and perennials.

October is an excellent time to plant trees and shrubs as they will get the required six or seven weeks of root growth before deep frost.  Another reason to buy now is that the plant prices are usually marked down quite a bit.  The staff may have more time to attend to your particular question than they might have in the spring.