Recommendations for edible native plants


I am interested in plants native to Southern Ontario, particularly edible native plants.  I know about wild leeks, serviceberry, jerusalem artichoke and blueberries and would like other suggestions particularly herbaceous perennials. Suggestions of web sites or books I might check out would be welcome.



Thank you for asking Toronto Master Gardeners to recommend a resource for you.

York University lecturer, garden writer and native plant expert, Lorraine Johnson, is your best go-to person.  She has extensive knowledge and experience with native plants and is recognized internationally for her expertise.  Her book, City Farmer: Adventures in Urban Food Growing (Greystone Books, 2010) will get you started.  She has more information on her blog, Edible City, and gives many talks.  If you Google her name you can find out where or you can friend her on Facebook and follow her directly!