Red Orange Leaves on Serviceberry in June


What is making the leaves turn orange and dropping off my Serviceberry. About a week ago -end of May, we had about 4 days of rain, but it has been dry for about a week. I have two pictures I wanted to send, but when I hit Browse I am not familiar with what response your site gives. Usually you find the pictures and click on them to add, but whatever you have set up is not working that way.



No doubt the fact that some leaves are already turning orangey/red on your serviceberry (Amelanchier spp.) is of concern to you, especially as we still have 3 months until Fall. This is not normal. More often than not this is something we might see during times of drought. Definitely not the case this year, if you live in southern Ontario. This early change of colour is definitely an indication that your serviceberry is under stress. The cause could be coming from a number of fronts.

Your photo shows some noticeable spots on the leaves. It could be that your tree has a disease such as fungus or rust, bought on by the wet weather. The best course of action is to clear up all fallen leaves and dispose of infected materials. You do not want to re-infect by leaving on the ground. You need to provide good air circulation around your tree. To do this prune out some of the branches. If you follow this plan permanent damage can be avoided.

For wet conditions good drainage is imperative. If your tree is planted in clay soil it could have become compacted by all this rain. Waterlogged soil will starve the roots of oxygen and nutrients, which in turn will affect the leaves. The roots will not spread as well as they should when in compacted soil.  If your tree was planted too deeply, in the first place, water will collect around the roots. Mulching around the base of the tree could be beneficial. About 2ins deep and out to the drip line should enough. Do not place mulch directly against the trunk.

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