regrowth on the top of a white cedar hedge


Our 8′ white cedar hedge (20 years old) has a 12′ section on top where I had to cut back a ‘hump’ two years ago. I trimmed it to bare twigs to level the hedge. Two years later it’s still bare, though at the edges the green has returned. I can’t see more than a very few potential buds this year. My question: will the bare top of the hedge regrow in time?



The Toronto Master Gardeners have had a number of posts on our website from homewoners with similar problems. Please check out the following posts:

The above posts will give detailed instructions on how to treat your cedars. You may also type ” cedar hedges” in the search bar on the right of our home page. This will bring forth 5 pages with additional questions and information on cedars.

Good Luck!