Removal of cedar stump


How long does a cedar hedge tree stump take to rot or decompose?


Thank you for your intriguing question for Toronto Master Gardeners.  I am not sure we can provide a definite answer as many factors will affect the rate of decay.  Among these are your type of soil, the tree’s location and the number of hot sunny or rainy days we have.

Cedar is a conifer so it is a soft wood.  But cedar is amazingly rot resistant which is why it is used so frequently in constructing decks. etc.  I cut down some conifers (Juniper) in Markham about two or three years ago and the stumps are still looking fairly solid.

If you are asking how to remove the stump, you may wish to consult a company that specializes in tree stump removal.  Please be cautious of introducing chemicals into the stump or surrounding soil.  If you are doing it yourself, the main thing to remember is that before you start pulling on the stump, you need to loosen the trunk from the roots with a shovel or saw.