Replacing cedar hedge


We have just had our 30 year old hedge removed from around our verandah. Now we have to choose something new. The yew bush, euonymus, barberry, annabelles and holly are some ideas that have been suggested to us. It is a south and west exposure with the west side getting very little sun because we have so many trees on that side. We live 1 hour east of Toronto. Any suggestions would be appreciated.







What a lovely setting for a hedge!  I would suggest that you search on the word “hedge” on our website, and see some other shrub options.  Take a look at the entries that pop up – at least 10 of these, chock full of useful information.

For example, we discuss concerns about barberry  (which is invasive), yew hedges,  as well as lots of other options.  We also provide links to helpful documents, including our Toronto Master Gardeners Guides Evergreens Suitable for Hedging and Ornamental Shrubs for Various Light Conditions.  These include suggestions about what to consider when you are selecting a hedge as well as a list of shrubs you might want to investigate.