Replanting green topped garlic, Allium sativum



I normally plant garlic in the fall for a harvest in the summer. I have been told it’s OK to plant in the Spring but my garlic was behind this year and the neck of the bulbs are still green. Can I still plant these  bulbs this Fall?


Fall planting usually should be done before mid-October. However, since we’ve experienced an unusually warm fall, you may plant the garlic a couple of weeks later, safely.

If you choose to wait and plant in the spring, that’s fine, too, with some caveats. Garlic planted in March will be ready in Sept. Spring planted bulbs are not as large as a rule. Also spring planted garlic produces lower bulb yields but will produce good greens (scapes). You will need to store the garlic in a cool, dry place over the winter while waiting to plant.