Repotting Anthurium


Hello, I have had an Anthurium plant since May. The roots have grown the pot and I need to repot it but I do not know what kind of soil to use. It has been in my balcony and now I want to bring it inside.


Dear gardener,

Anthurium (aka Flamingo Flower) indeed needs repotting every 2 or 3 years. The best strategy is to select a pot that is only 1 size larger than the current one. Drainage is essential for Anthuriums which like to be moist but can not sit in wet soil as they will rot. Fill the bottom of the pot with pebbles. Fill with soil and set the plant high so that the crown sits just above the soil line.

Anthuriums can grow in a variety of soils. Using available potting soil is fine but they prefer a mix that allows for moisture retention (peat moss for instance) while having good drainage.


Repotting Anthurium