Reviving rhododendrons


I have an area sandy , moist to dry soil half day sun more shade and are planting rhododendrons  My question is the plants are looking tired( and were recently purchased from a nursery at a discount) and leaves are browning a bit. What can I do to help rejuvenate this plant as per nutrient requirements and on a constant basis once planted.


Thank you for your question for Toronto Master Gardeners.

You would like to rejuvenate your Rhododendron that you plan to plant in sandy  soil with half day sun.

Rhododendrons and many broad-leaved evergreens are generally sensitive to dry conditions.  Rhododendrons prefer to grow in climates like Ireland and Victoria, BC.  They need well-drained acidic soil, more constant root temperatures and plenty of water.     Your location sounds good.

To revive your plant, remove any dead or damaged branches and plant according to the detailed instructions in the Culture page of the American Rhododendron Society website, an excellent resource: :  Water well and be sure to spread a layer of mulch around, but not touching, the base of your Rhodo.  This will help insulate the root system and stop heavy evaporation during the hot times.