Rhododendron, Braided Willow


I have a bush that has many buds ready to bloom
at this late date. Should I cut them off the plant?
Or just leave them.
My second question is that I have a braided mini willow tree
I planted this year. Will it survive our winter? Should it
be sheltered from the weater?


In general Rhododendrons are pruned immediately after they bloom. Rhododendrons set next year’s flower buds by mid to late summer. Pruning branches after the buds have set will remove  next years flowers. So, leave the flower buds and you will have a spectacular floral  display next spring. For more information on the overall care of Rhododendrons refer to the following article titled Plant Culture and Care by the American Rhododendron Society.

You do  not mention where you are located. Are you located in Toronto? Is this tree planted in a container or did you plant it directly in the ground? Do you happen to know what type of willow you purchased? In most cases wild willow is utilized to create these ‘living sculptures’. Willows are very hardy and are able to withstand severe frost. These sculptures can be planted directly in the garden,where they receive partial shade to full sun. When planting directly in the garden make sure to plant them 15cm deep. Willows love water, so make sure that the soil stays moist for the first few weeks afer planting. After the first 3-4 weeks, only water when needed based on weather conditions. It’s highly important that the soil is moist around the base of the stem for the first season. Once the plant has become established, your plant should only need to be watered during the summer when it is really dry.