Rhubarb not doing well


My rhubarb isn’t doing well. The soil is sandy with natural compost and store bought top soil. The plant started out well,but the stems got week and have fallen over. Leaves haves turned yellow. The plant get sun and shade and is planted with a Virgina Creeper.


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We have had a very hot and dry summer in general this year, and rhubarb will stop growing if the temperature is above 32 degrees centigrade or is drought-stressed.   Also, your Virginia Creeper may be crowding it, since each rhubarb plant wants about a square yard of space.  You don’t say how old it is, but if it is new, it may also just take a little time to get established.   Other correspondents have raised similar questions in the past and you will find the useful answers here:



For more general information about growing rhubarb, you may fine this link useful.  Good luck!