Road salt resistant plants


Have planted grass to the edge of pavement on a Town street. Each year a 2′ strip does not regrow except for weeds. Can you recommend a ground cover that could withstand what I suspect to be a problem from the road salt?


Thank you for your inquiry.

You are correct in your assumption  that road salt is the culprit in the demise of your grass.  According to Environment Canada, five million tonnes of road salt is applied each year to sidewalks, streets and highways across the country. Spring rains may wash away the visible evidence, but the salt doesn’t disappear. Much of it goes into the water table or finds its way into gardens that lie beside roads and walkways, where the salt can lurk in heavier soils for up to three years.

Canadian Gardening has an excellent article on Salt Tolerant Plants . The article also provides a list of highly salt tolerant shrubs, perennials and grouncovers that would work for your situation. Here is the link to the Plant List .

You may also whist to refer to our Garding Guide on Lawn Alternatives and Organic Care of  Groundcovers as well as Broadleaf Evergreen Groundcovers