Rocket City daylily


I was wondering how to care for the foliage of this flower. Browsing through the Internet, the foliage are the “leaves” of the flower.


Hello, your ‘Rocket City’ daylily (Hemerocallis ‘Rocket City’) is a wonderful example of the hybridized tetraploid Hemerocallis, one that has been bred to have more flowers, thicker and more vibrant petals and stronger foliage.  It is certainly a stunner!  Daylilies are one of the easiest care perennials you can have in your garden.  They have very few demands, and are not bothered by many pests.  During the flowering season (now) they should be kept well watered and the spent blooms removed to keep your plant looking at its best.  After the flowering and as the summer wears on your plant may start to look a bit “shabby” you may remove an damaged or diseased foliage but resist the temptation to cut off the leaves until late in the fall when the leaves turn yellow and orange with the season.  At this time trim your leaves to 3-4 inches off the ground, this makes the spring clean up a bit easier.  A little top dressing with compost in the spring will keep your plants healthy and encourage spreading.


This link to the American Hemerocallis society may provide you with additional information about caring for Daylilies.