We have two rodgersia plants in different parts of our garden. They are both doing well the only problem is that they don’t flower. One plant did for a few years but has not in the last two years. The other has never flowered. They get some sun during the day, have strong stems and nice green foliage. We haven’t been giving them plant food, just water. We would appreciate any suggestions. Thank you.


We are sorry to hear that your Rodgersia plants are not flowering anymore.

When a plant is not flowering, it is a sign of stress; the plant just does not have enough energy to reproduce. Since your Rodgersia plants are looking healthy, we are assuming that the cause of stress is not pest, disease, or other forms of injury, but from incorrect culture.

All species in the genus Rodgersia are native to East Asia where they grow on shaded slopes, moist woodlands, and streambanks. They share a fairly precise cultural requirement of consistently moist and humus-rich soil, cool summers (under 27C), and partial shade. Rodgersia need so much moisture that it is willing to tolerate wet soil. While it needs shade, it also demands enough sun (about 4 hours, ideally morning sun) for optimal flowering. If any of these conditions are not met, the plant will be stressed and its growth adversely affected.

Therefore, you can help your Rodgersia along by making sure that the soil is consistently moist (do not let it dry out between watering), replenish the organic content of the soil by amending it with compost annually, and somehow provide more sun if they are not receiving enough sunlight.

We hope this would help you determine the cause of your Rodgersia plants not flowering. Good luck!