Rose Bush has no Buds


Pruned rose bush in spring before leaves, looks green and healthy now but has no flower buds.  Previously this bush had been allowed to grow wild.



This past winter,like the winter in 2014,  has been very hard on many plants, including roses. Failure to bud out is a not uncommon result of a harsh winter and late frosts and may be the reason that your rose it not blooming. I suggest that you feed the rose, and prune the blind shoots as though they had flowers.  You may get blooms on the new growth.

Here is a link to a previous Toronto Master Gardener enquiry from last spring:, which has links to articles on pruning and feeding roses.

However, from the description of the prolific growth of the rose since you pruned it earlier this year, it may be that what you have is a rambler.  Ramblers are bred from old roses which, unlike modern roses that bloom on the current year’s growth, bloom on the canes which grew in the previous year.  If the rose is a rambler, the pruning that you did earlier this year means that you will not get flowers this year.   Given the uncertainly as to what type of rose you have, you might prune some of the blind shoots to see whether new buds develop this year, but otherwise do not prune until after you see whether buds develop on this years growth in 2016.