Rose Grace (Auskeppy)


Hi, I am interested in having this rose in my garden however haven’t been able to find this rose in Toronto, Canada. Are you aware of where I can purchase this rose or its very close equivalent? The only place I have found is online at but very expensive.



Dear Rose Lover,

You have chosen a beautiful rose to add to your garden. Searching for a local retailer is always a challenge. As Master Gardeners, we do not favour commercial providers, but I do have some links to help you.

The Canadian Rose Society is a volunteer club that has a Toronto address. You will find the email and street address in the Contact section of their website. This is a professional organization, located in Milton, that has members who are rose specialists. Follow the links in their website also.

If you wish more information on caring for the very special David Austin rose check out this website : The Basis of Growing Roses 

Sadly, yes, David Austin roses are very expensive.