Rose of Sharon not leafing


I have a large Rose of Sharon that I cut back to about 7 feet last fall. It has not leafed at all and it is now almost August. Surprisingly all the limbs are supple and after cutting one I found that it is still green under the bark. Am I wasting my time waiting for this one?


Hello Bill,

This year, because of long, cold, wet spring, most plants are about 2 weeks late. And having been hard pruned last fall, your tree would have been in  a bit of shock. Normally, I would say that no leaves by the end of July means the plant is dead. But, because the limbs are supple and you have found green under the bark, I would be inclined to wait a bit. Are there any leaf buds at all? And, perhaps, most importantly, is there any sign of growth at the bottom? Often, a Rose of Sharon will lose its upper portion but regrow from the root.

Let us know what happens with your tree!