Rose of Sharon – when will it begin to bud?


We planted a new Rose of Sharon in September and there are no buds yet. When should I expect to see some sign of life?





Be patient – the rose of Sharon (Hibiscus syriacus) leafs out in late spring – later than many other deciduous shrubs. Remember, too, that we’ve had an unseasonably cold spring, so you may be looking at buds bursting forth several weeks from now.  One reason the rose of Sharon is so popular is that it blooms in late summer, into early fall – after many other plants have finished blooming – lending bright splashes of colour to a fading gardenscape.

The bushes grow best in moist, well draining soil. Rose of Sharon bushes do not like to have their feet wet. Plants are drought tolerant. But, make sure to give them adequate water during blooming period. Dry soil, or uneven water, can result in buds and blooms dropping prematurely.

When pruning rose of Sharon one must remember that its flowers grow on the current year’s growth; early pruning before buds develop can keep the growing rose of Sharon in top form and keep the tree-like shrub in bounds.