Roses and Lily of the Valley Cohabitation?


Can hybrid tea roses survive/flourish in a bed where lily of the valley is spreading?
Do I try to plant hybrid tea rose in this sunny location?
Is it possible for the roses to thrive surrounded by lilly of the valley?
Thank you.


Lily of the valley (Convallaria majalis) is a highly-poisonous herbaceous perennial that is native to Eurasia. It is a category 2 invasive species in Southern Ontario because it competes with more desirable native species. It spreads aggressively and is hard to control or eradicate. Removal of this and any other invasive species is recommended. The Grow me Instead guide suggests Solomon’s Seal as a native alternative to lily of the valley.

Hybrid tea roses should be planted alone for one or two years, before thinking about any companion plants, so that they have time to establish root systems. Because lily of the valley is an aggressive spreader, it will compete for space with the root system of the hybrid tea rose. Having space around your rose (not overcrowding it) is also important for prevention of fungal diseases, which can affect roses.

You may want to think about planting a hybrid tea rose with plants that have been recommended as companion plants for roses, remembering that height should be a consideration for anything paired with a hybrid tea rose so that the companion plant does not shadow the rose from sunlight. Here are two resources with suggested companion plants for roses:

Companion Plants for Roses Beverly Servadio, UCCE Master Gardener (

Plants that make good companions for Roses (

June 4, 2022