Scented Geranium


I live in Toronto. Looking for a scented geranium for container growing. Where can I find one? Thank you.


Scented Geraniums, Pelargonium species, come in many varieties and a range of scents.

See examples below:

Pelargonium odoratissimum – Apple

Pelargonium tomentosum – Chocolate Mint

Pelargonium fragrans ‘Old Spice’ – Nutmeg

Pelargonium ‘Sweet Mimosa’ – Rose

Pelargonium citrosum – Citrus

Pelargonium scabrum – Apricot

Pelargonium grossularioides ‘Coconut’ – Coconut

These plants, in our climate zone, are generally grown as annuals but can be overwintered in a bright location indoors or cuttings can be taken, rooted up and planted the following year.

Most good nurseries will have a variety of these plants for sale when the weather warms up, the threat of frost has passed and their stock has come in from the growers.  So be patient, as this won’t happen until closer to the middle of May in time for the start garden planting rush.  A quick phone call to your local nursery to ask about plant availability before heading out is usually advisable as stock gets replenished daily.

Make sure to plant your Pelargonium geranium into a bigger pot and place it close to where you would sit on your patio, deck or balcony as this way you will benefit from being close to the marvellous scent as you walk past or get it on a gentle breeze.  Enjoy.

Mar. 25, 21