School Project help


Hello, I am a high school student currently planning to grow food in my backyard as a school assignment. I would just like to get some advice with planting 8 plants including raspberries, arrowhead carrots, sugary tomatoes, rover radish, sunberries, sylvester lettuce, mercury cucumber, and rainbow treasure together in different pots in the backyard. I am just wondering if this could be managed properly and if I needed different soils in order to have these foods grown properly. Thank you very much.





What an interesting school project. You should be able to grow all of these varieties of fruits and vegetables in pots as long as you have a good sunny spot and organically rich soil. Toronto Master Gardeners in partnership with the City of Toronto have developed a series of Garden Guides / Fact Sheets including Organic Vegetable Gardening: a Toronto Master Gardeners Guide and The Organic Fruit Garden: A Toronto Master Gardeners Guide both of which have in-depth information on growing vegetables and fruits including soil and cultural requirements. You may also be interested in the following links: How to Start an Organinc Vegetable Garden and Growing Organic Fruits

By the way, in case you were wondering sunberries (also known as Wonderberries) are tiny berries similar to a huckleberry and Rainbow Treasure is a variety of strawberry that has white, pink and deep rose flowers and sweet fruit.

Good luck with the project.