Screw pine – Pandanus veitchii


I have a Pandanus veitchii plant that I received this past July. I see a number of brown tips on it and I do not know what the problem is. I have placed a dish of water with pebbles and laid it on the pebbles so it can get humidity. I have also a deep enough tray under the plant so it does not have to sit in water. I have placed the plant on the south side of the house and it also has the west side window facing it. A light pane glass window is in front of it. I feel that it is getting enough light but I am not too sure. Is there anyone out there in the City of Toronto, who own this type of plant who can help me with this problem or provide tips. I do not want this plant to die.


You appear to be doing what you need to do with your watering regimen, as the Screw Pine likes fairly dry soil, is moderately drought tolerant, and grows well in containers with good loamy soil and good drainage.   If the leaf tips appear to be scorched, too much direct sunlight may be the cause.  Screw pines enjoy filtered light – bright but diffused.  Watering a little too often may also cause the leaves to develop yellow and brown tips, and can also lead to root diseases.  Brown leaf tips can also be caused by excess soluble salts, which can build up on the sides of clay pots.